JSS Public School, Bage

A solid Infrastructure - Amidst of Lush Green Coffee Plantations

Homely Atmosphere

The ambience is so homely that the children here will soon forget that they are away from home.

Life at School: Pulsating & Vibrant

Creativity | Innovations | Knowledge

Surrounded by serene Environs

The only busy place here is the mind of the child. 4

A legacy of Leadership & Trust

Turn Your Child to a Leader

Our Focus

The focus is to transform every student into a knowledgeable, intelligent person and, more important, a good human being.


The School Library provides all the academic resources for all the constituents of the school- students, faculty and administrative staff. The library strives to make the resources available to enhance the growth of students. We also have a automated Library Management System which monitors the students and the time each student spending on a book.