JSS Public School, Bage

A solid Infrastructure - Amidst of Lush Green Coffee Plantations

Homely Atmosphere

The ambience is so homely that the children here will soon forget that they are away from home.

Life at School: Pulsating & Vibrant

Creativity | Innovations | Knowledge

Surrounded by serene Environs

The only busy place here is the mind of the child. 4

A legacy of Leadership & Trust

Turn Your Child to a Leader

Our Focus

The focus is to transform every student into a knowledgeable, intelligent person and, more important, a good human being.


1. Maintain Cleanliness and Personal Hygiene.

2. Greet Teachers whenever you meet them, within the School campus or outside.

3. Politeness and Humble nature is appreciated.

4. Wear Uniform on all Working Days.

5. Regular attendance and punctuality.

6. Do not scribble on walls, desks or books.

7. Handle School property and own belongings carefully.

8. Attend school prayers without fail.

9. Be regular in your home assignments.

10. Maintain Silence even when a teacher is not present in class.

11. Raise hands to ask any question while Class is in progress to clarify doubts.

12. Avoid tearing pages from text or notebooks.

13. Keep the classrooms and Desks clean and tidy.

14. Adopt the policy of Sharing and Caring.

15. Use the Library and Reference Books at all times.